Granulated Charcoal

Granulated / Charcoal / breath / Digestion / Body Odours

Tilly’s Garden granulated charcoal is a 100% natural way to aid digestion, bloating, flatulence and bad breath and is suitable for most animals. Granulated charcoal has the ability to absorb it’s own weight in stomach gases and toxins. Charcoal is a porous material which can absorb and strongly bind harmful substances and foreign materials, and thus allows them to be passed safely through the gut.

Simply sprinkle on the animals food.

The following guidelines are the recommended amounts to give with each meal.

Dogs: Small: 1 teaspoonful Medium: 1 dessertspoonful Large: 1 tablespoonful Cats & Rabbits: 1 teaspoonful Horses: 4 dessertspoonfuls Birds: Crush the granules into a fine powder. Mix a pinch with the birds food. As an alternative mix a small amount of granules with the grit.